Great catches!

We have a fisherman's paradise, both for those who will stay inshore and for those who wants to experience deep-sea fishing. Strict regulations over several decades have protected the stocks against over fishing, so there is plenty of fish out here. Coastal cod and spawning cod, coalfish (saithe), halibut, monkfish, Atlantic wolffish, redfish and haddock are the most important fish species. Come fishing with us, and at the same time you will get the opportunity to view the majestic sea eagle flying close on.

Ingvalg og fiske på båten justert   Fiskebilde justert

IMG 2053  Axel med kamskjell nedskalert

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Lange  Folk med fangst på båten nærbilde


 Firmatur i Frøyas skjærgård       Familieferie i Frøyas skjærgård

IMG 2057  Krabbe 1