Our boats

Boat transportation at the coast of Trøndelag  Boat transportation Trondheim

We have two new passenger boats. Both have all the necessary permits/certificates to operate transport with passengers. The drivers have the necessary certificates and courses and they have extensive experience as skippers. The boats are equipped to ensure safety. They have a life-raft, distress signals, radio transmitters, pyrotechnic materials, thermal life jackets, survival suits, radar  eacons and more. The boats are 50 to 40 feet long and can take 12 passengers each. The boats operate in a trade area between 30+ knots. This allows us to quickly transport over a long distance such as Trondheim-Frøya. The boats are very comfortable. They are good sea boats built with a "silent cabin”, which makes it comfortable to talk to other passengers. Plenty of light and heat will make the journey as comfortable on a winter's night as on a summer day. You will sit in comfortable leather seats with good views. On board we have a good Hi-Fi sound system, a tea/coffee machine, and of course a toilet. The boats are equipped with water-jet propulsion systems which are very reliable, and that allows us to take you into the natural harbors that are normally inaccessible.

Island hopping at the coast of Trøndelag