Sula Lighthouse

Sula lighthouse testify to the importance the fishing village had. The first lighthouse is from 1793, while the current one is from 1909. The lighthouse was automated in 1974. Lighthouse keeper's house is rented out for accommodation. Take a hike - bring a guide, and visit the historical fishing village museum, as well as the lighthouse.

A natural pearl at the "big sea". To walk around in Sulas dense wooden houses, is like walking around in a storybook! Sula was once an important fishing village, but has for the last 30 years experienced strong depopulation. Sula has about fifty inhabitants, but has a significant population growth in the summer. Here you'll find a shop, pub and a restaurant, and several overnight accommodations. 



Photos Sula Lighthouse and lighthouse keeper's house: Tove Cecilie Fasting


Photo Sula harbor: