MS Bogøy

Boat transportation at the coast of Trøndelag

This is a 15m high speed aluminum boat with amazing comfort. It is built with a quiet cabin suspended separately from the hull, which takes away most of the structure-borne noise. On board we have room for 12 passengers + crew - all in comfortable leather chairs. Separate lounge aft. A toilet with a sink. The boat is equipped with two large 9.0 L 500 hp diesel engines and water jet propulsion systems. We can thus deceive us into inaccessible places and we do not need to worry about floating objects (fishing gear, ropes etc) that can be a danger to propel boats. The boat has a cruising speed of 30 knots +. On board we have 220v power, wireless  wi-fi, TV with online vessel information, coffee machine with fresh coffee beans, advanced and powerful Hi - Fi sound-system, hydraulic system with a crane and a cam winch, powerful heating system/respiratory system, refrigerator, galley with cooking facilities and a microwave. The boat is certified by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate. We have updated safety equipment on board such as life jackets , life raft, automatic positioning system with a direct link to the main rescue center, pyrotechnic materials, emergency call system, a main radio/VHF and additional handheld device, modern GPS chart-plotter/navigation systems, additional high-mounted emergency battery for telecommunication and positioning systems. Distress signals, AIS-SART, xenon search lights, 3 x thermal imaging night cameras, and more. 

Island hopping at the coast of Trøndelag     

 Passasjertransport og øyhopping Frøya